How Much is Reporting Costing You?

Reporting is absolutely essential to client retention but the more time it takes,
the more your agency is losing in productivity and profitability.

Number of clients 1 Hours per month creating reports for each client Blended agency hourly billing rate Lost yearly revenue

Just for Agencies

Full-Service Setup Assistance (Free)

You’re busy. That’s the reason we exist. Just send us the reports you’re creating now and we’ll figure out how best to create them in BringShare.


Completely Custom Reporting Components

Every client is unique and you may have reporting requirements that aren’t addressed in our component library. Custom components are just $99 a piece and you can use them for any and all clients forever with no additional charges.

Whitelabel Report Publishing

Send interactive reports to clients via a whitelabled subdomain allowing them to interact with the report as if they were looking at a live report in BringShare. You can also export beautiful PDF reports.

Client Logins

Send your clients a login so they can access their live reports whenever they want at a whitelabeled subdomain specific to your agency.

"BringShare is clean, versatile and simple. BringShare's approach to reporting makes it easy for anyone to understand the insights hidden in data. With BringShare my team has also improved time spent on reporting by 76%, which gives us more time to work on our clients' marketing efforts. I'm a fan!"

Ricardo Figueiredo, Elevated

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